BLDR was developed by reigning world champion Hunter McIntyre during his training for strength and endurance races. His goal was to enhance both physical and mental performance in grueling race environments.

With over a decade of experience as a professional athlete, Hunter tried many hydration products and concluded they were nothing more than sea salt and sugar. He felt strong endurance athletes have specific hydration needs that were not being met.

For example, adding sugar to your water does not restore plasma osmolality in your body as effectively as sodium. Therefore, Hunter did not add sugar but added ample amounts of SODIUM to BLDR.

CALCIUM is a vital electrolyte that controls muscle contraction and relaxation. A deficiency can cause fatigue and muscle cramps. Lack of supplementation will force your body to extract calcium from your bones during long endurance activities. BLDR contains enough calcium to sustain your exercise without weakening your bones.

Athletes can suffer the effects of muscle catabolism during extended endurance activity. This is why Hunter added three of the fastest absorbing BRANCHED-CHAIN AMINO ACIDS to prevent muscle loss during endurance training.

Many people are deficient in VITAMIN D3 and MAGNESIUM, which can detrimentally affect athletic performance. Hunter also added these in scientifically appropriate amounts.

TAURINE is a naturally occurring amino acid that maximizes aerobic, anaerobic, and mental performance. Unfortunately, taurine levels can rapidly deplete during exercise and must be actively replenished. BLDR is the only hydration product that has this critical ingredient.

If you are a strength athlete training for endurance or an endurance athlete who wants to be stronger, try BLDR and see what proper hydration can do for your performance.

BLDR is recommended for

Running Cycling Swimming
Jiu Jitsu CrossFit Boxing
Football MMA Tennis
Basketball Hockey Skiing
Baseball Rugby Skating
Motorsports Wrestling Rowing
OCR HYROX Volleyball
Golf Dancing Lacrosse
  • Hunter McIntyre

    World Class Hybrid Athlete with 9x World Champion, 5x National Champion, 3x World Records. Legendary HYROX, Spartan Race, and Tough Mudder racer. 2019 Wild Card competitor at CrossFit Games.

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  • George Edwards

    Hybrid Athlete, Elite HYROX Competitor, and HYROX Master Coach. Personal Trainer at Gymbox in London.

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  • Tom Hogan

    Hybrid Athlete and Elite HYROX Competitor. World Record Holder of HYROX Doubles. Devoted husband and father of four beautiful children.

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  • Dena Hogan

    Hybrid Athlete and Elite HYROX Competitor. Wife of Tom Hogan and mother to their four beautiful children.

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